Philosophy and Guiding Principles

American Home Health Corporation values are client-centered. We provide compassionate, cost effective home health care to clients throughout the Chicago area. We perform our professional services with pride and respect. The client's dignity and sustained well-being are our guiding principles.

Our Mission

American Home Health provides compassionate, cost-effective services with pride and respect.

Guiding principles are permanent goals in the sense that they do not change and they are not compromised. All activities should be conducted with the following guiding principles in mind:

  • Integrity: Be honest, ethical, fair ad respectful with customers, suppliers, caregivers and staff.
  • Tenacity: Practice commitment and endurance with a proper mixture of decisiveness and patience.
  • Productivity: Recruit, train and retain good people who consistently complete assignments and deliver quality services based on
  • Profitability: Achieve a fair profit commensurate with the investment, effort, risk and value to the customer.
  • Growth: Invest appropriate to build and develop our people, business and systems to maintain a long-term leadership position.
  • Generosity: Share the benefits and rewards with everyone including employees, shareholders and the local community.
  • Quality and Value: We take pride in every service and related process we provide.
  • Service: Customer and employee satisfaction and trust are the foundation of our success.
  • Decentralization: Effective decentralized (local) responsibility with centralized coordination and support.
  • Results and Rewards: Must be measurable and based upon achievement of our goals.
  • Open Communication: Issues are brought to the appropriate level in the organization for resolution.
  • Being Positive, Participative and Hardworking: We are flexible yet highly focused as a team on doing it now and keeping it simple.

“ Well understood and followed principles and philosophies are the basis for success, helping us achieve our mission while enhancing the quality of life of all those associated with AHHC ”