Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

When you are considering home care services, there are many questions you should be asking your provider. American Home Health Care (AHHC) included some of the most common questions we receive each day from our clients, referral sources, and physicians.

If you choose AHHC as your home care provider or if you choose another agency, be sure to ask the following questions and feel comfortable with the answers you receive.

How long has the provider been serving the community?

Does the provider supply literature explaining its services, eligibility requirements, fees, and funding sources? Many providers furnish clients with a detailed “Patient Bill of Rights” that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the provider, patient, and caregivers alike.

How does the provider select and train its employees? Does it protect its workers with written personnel policies, benefits packages, and malpractice insurance?

Are nurses, aids, or therapists required to evaluate the client's home care needs? If so, what does this entail? Do they consult the client's physicians and family members?

How can I access home care services?

Who pays for home care services?

Does the client have the right to confidentiality regarding his care?

What certifications, licensures, and accreditations does the agency hold?

What is Joint Commission?

What are the hours of operation?

In what counties does the agency provide service?