Home Health Fee Schedule

Home Health Fee Schedule

Every effort will be made to schedule patients / visits close to your home within 20 mile radius. Call in report to the report line or nursing supervisor.

LEVEL 1: Admission Nursing Visits

Admission and Resumption of Care Visit

RN: $65/Admission

RN: $70/Weekend Admission

RN: $55/Recertification or Resumption of Care Visit

RN: $60/Weekend Recertification or Resumption of Care Visit

LEVEL 2: Skilled Nursing Visits

IV medication administration, TPN teaching, lab draws, assessment, wound care, IM / SQ injections, PICC or central line dressing change, etc

RN: $45/visit

RN: $50/Weekend Visit

LPN: $35/visit

LEVEL 3: Hourly Rate

Visits requiring over 2 hours at the patient's home

(RNs Only)

High Tech Infusion Hourly Visits: $35/Hour

Other Hourly Visits: $25/Hour

* Please note that you are going to be paid either using a fee or pre-determined rate or an hourly rate. If a visit goes over 2 hours, then you will be paid by the hour, NOT the normal rate plus the hourly rate.


Mileage to be paid will be total mileage for a given day minus 20 miles. We use current published IRS rate per mile.

We recommend taking the most direct route unless not possible due to circumstances outside of your control (i.e., extreme delays, accidents, construction, etc.) Please be aware that it is your responsibility to keep accurate records of your mileage.