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6 Excellent Reasons Why Home Health is the Right Fit for You

Why will anybody work in Home Health? Well, I have six (6) excellent reasons for you. Keep reading.

1. Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, well, Home Health is the undisputed champ. Home Health is perfect for individuals with limited availability. Maybe you need to be available for your kids at a specific time or are pursuing a higher degree. Perhaps you have another job. Whatever the situation, Home Health will come to the rescue.

It might also be that you no longer have the energy to work a hospital or nursing home job. Well, in Home Health, you will find a breath of fresh air.

You can work full-time or very part-time. It might even be that you have only one day a month available. We will be more than glad to work with your availability.

2. Cases Close to Home

We do our best to keep our nurses close to home. The goal is to keep them within twenty (20) miles from home. We will, of course, work with our nurses to match their preferences. It is, of course, possible not to find a case if the distance is too restrictive, let's say not more than five (5) miles from home. We will certainly try our best.

3. One Patient at a Time

You only work with one patient at a time. Is your dream to be able to provide the kind of care you were trained for... thorough, quality, comprehensive? Home health allows you the time to give your patient the type of care they deserve and that you long to deliver.

4. Training

You will be thoroughly trained before left alone with your patient. On the Private Duty side specifically, you will potentially work with G-Tubes, Trachs, Vents, etc. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the necessary skills before left on your own.

If you ask me how long it takes to be trained. Well, I will answer that it will take the necessary time to make sure you are comfortable. The bottom line is, training will take as long as needed to make sure you are comfortable caring for your client on your own.

New graduates are welcome to apply.🎓

5. Family Like Environment

You'll work with your patients in their homes among their families and enjoy working together as a team to improve the lives of the entire family. You will provide truly family-centered care. Our philosophy of care stems from 3 generations of nurses. We are a nurse-oriented organization owned and led by nurses. We have an open-door policy with access to any of the leadership.

6. Weekly Pay (@ least with us)

Being paid weekly is without question an excellent benefit. I will say no more. If cash flow is crucial to you, then you get my point.

If you are in the Chicago area and are looking for a job, please give me a call at 630-236-3501. You can also drop me an e-mail.

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