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Marques — Client
Wanda Patrick — Nurse
Juanita Ramey — Nurse
Shirlie Witte — Nurse

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Natee W.

“Natee was awesome! Very caring and knowledgeable nurse!”

—Shavonda C.

Karyn A.

“They were very punctual and caring.”

—Jonathan M.

Debbie R.

“My nurse Debbie was a joy to be around.”


I liked my home therapist

“I liked my home therapist - she was understanding and really helped me adjust during the difficult initial weeks following my surgery.”

—Penelope K.

Debbie R.

“Nurse Debbie was great.”

—Irene K.

Jen V. is a God Sent!

“I must say that Jen V. is a God sent! I am so gladd she was assigned to my case. She is caring and takes time to make sure my treatment is accurate. Where did you find her? I don't want to loose this one! Shawn (Nursing Supervisor) you did a great job training her. She is worth her weight in gold plus some! I want to thank everyone there for sending her to me.”

—Lori M.

Shawn Pickett provided excellent care.

“Shawn Pickett provided excellent care during my stay from out of town. Shawn was quick to think on his feet and very resourceful.”

—Mr. S.

My nurse Jill was always on time.

“My nurse Jill was always on time, friendly and informative. She always took my concern into consideration and informed me of my laboratory levels promptly. ”

—Dantley T.

Our home care nurse was amazing!

“Our home care nurse was amazing! She made my daughter feel very comfortable and explained everything she was going to do beforehand. Loved!”


Debbie was a great caregiver

—Irene K.

Mirtha and receptionist were helpful and understanding.

“Friendliness and expertise of the nurses;also Mirtha and receptionist were helpful and understanding.”

—Patricia J.

Nurse Jill was awesome!

“Nurse Jill was awesome!”

—Parents of S. V.

Once again a fantastic experience!!!

“Once again a fantastic experience!!! Thanks Debbie (RN) for being a great nurse!”

—David P.

The NURSES are great!

“The friendliness and expertise; and quality of care and character of staff is what I liked the most about American Home Health. The NURSES are great!”

—Sara D.

I am very satisfied.

“Alicia @ Dr. Lubenow's office and Debbie my home health were both very compassionate and comforting. They were both extremely knowledgeable. They were great. I am very satisfied. Thanks!”

—Jenny H.

Your nursing staff is amazing.

“Was very satisfied with the nurses during my process. Everyone was very knowledgeable, caring and always flexible with timing. Your nursing staff is amazing. I couldn't have received any better care.”

—Alison L.

Thank you for all your outstanding work!!!

“I just wanted to take a moment to address Monica Cervantes (lead CSC). We can't thank her enough for going above and beyond the call of duty. Scheduling can become very difficult for us, as we manage our daily lives. She is always there for us, and never questions our scheduling needs. “Patient” needs extra care and support than the typical child, and Monica helps provide this for us! It's nice to know that we can pick up the phone and count on this! Thank you for all your outstanding work!!!”

—Jim and Kathy

I was very satisfied with my care.

“My home nurse provided excellent care, Jill. She was caring instructive in her training to me and gave me confidence. I was very satisfied with my care. Jill was exceptional and I would recommend American Home Health based on her care.”

—Mary L.

My nurse Jen was incredible.

“My nurse Jen was incredible. Helped me through a lot of pain.”

—Lubicia T.

Jill was truly a blessing to both my mom and myself

“Jill was truly a blessing to both my mom and myself. She made sure we understood what we needed to so and if we had a question she was just a phone call away. She is an awesome person. Loved having her help me in my healing process. ”

—Jennifer Z.

From our YouTube Channel

h8red42 has posted a comment on your channel:

“My son just got a G-tube placed 3 days ago, they asked me if i wanted to attend a class, which would be in a few days from now, as it was similar to the NG tube he had i figured i could get it, well that and i also figured there would be some Videos on YouTube (I spend a lot of time here) and here you are. I found a few vids that answered the few questions I had. Thank you.”

TheMyboo111883 has posted a comment on your channel:

“Excellent. Best video series I have seen by far. I am an LPN, but I have been out of work since 2009. These videos are great and of much help to myself. Thanks so much for posting.”

ventilator98 has posted a comment on your channel:

“Thank you soooooooo much for doing these videos on the blessed wonderful LTV ventilator.”

TheLynstar1 has posted a comment on your channel:

“Great technique and clear instructions. Also thanks for the trouble shooting strategies.”

margaret prawl has made a comment on Gastrostomy Tube Training Part 4 - Placement

“Very informative, excellently taught. Thank you nurse”

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