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Home Health Care Field:
Is It Right For Me?

Girl in WheelchairAmerican Home Health has been a home health care provider for the past eighteen years. We service the seven major counties in the greater Chicago area. Home health care is our specialty.

As a home health care provider, our Mission is to provide compassionate, cost effective home health care to clients throughout the Chicago area. We perform our professional services with pride and respect. The client's dignity and sustained well-being are our guiding principles. In order for this to be accomplished, we need to hire individuals that are passionate about providing these kinds of services.

We cannot make the assumption that home health care is right for all individuals. Therefore, we have put together a little screening tool for you to use. To determine if home health care is right for you, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I have at least one year of nursing experience?
    • Home health care regulatory agencies require you to have at least one year of experience in nursing. This experience will have to be either as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse.
  2. Am I able to work well in a home environment?
    • In a home health care setting, you will be working at the client's home. This is different than what is experienced working in a hospital or a nursing home.
  3. Am I a self motivated, independent individual?
    • This is a really important aspect of home health care because you are the person in charge. When your shift starts, it's pretty much you. No immediate back up personnel is available to physically assist you. American Home Health supervisors are available 24 hours a day seven days a week if you have any question or concern.
  4. Is pay the most important aspect in making my decision?
    • Pay can also be a key aspect in making your decision. Home health care doesn't pay as much as working in a hospital setting or nursing home.
  5. Am I looking for flexibility?
    • This is an area where home health care really shines. We do our best to match your availability. This means that we will work with you even if you only have one day available per week.
  6. Am I looking for work close to home?
    • We do our best to keep you close to home. Our goal is to find cases that are not more that twenty miles from where you live.

Since home health care is divided into two models, you can follow this link for a more detailed explanation of these two different models.

If home health care is a good match for you based on your answers to the above questions, we at American Home Health will be more than glad to meet with you to complete the application process. You can follow this link to our application, or you can take a look at what positions are available.

Home » Apply » Resources » Home Health Care Field: Is It Right For Me?