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Who Pays for Home Care?

While you are ultimately responsible for payment of the services you receive, various funding sources may be available. Some of those sources are DSCC, ORS, DCFS, Medicare, and Medicaid. Health insurance, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Workers' Compensation and liability insurers may also cover home health care. Our expertise in dealing with insurance carriers allows us to verify coverage before care begins.

A direct payment release will be required if services are billed to your insurance carrier. Occasionally insurance companies will reimburse you directly. If this happens, notify us and forward the payment to our office. If you change your insurance, HMO or medical coverage, it is important that you let us know immediately. If we are not informed of these changes, you will be responsible for denied payments.

If you are receiving care that is skilled in nature, our agency will be submitting bills to Medicare, Medicaid or other third part payor on your behalf. Information needed to verify eligibility will be requested from you to facilitate our billing process. Depending on your payor source, you may have co-payment for care we deliver. Our staff will inform you of the approximate coverage / charges upon the first visit and our billing department will follow-up with you as needed.

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Home » Client Handbook » Who Pays for Home Care?