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What is Home Health?

There are two different models of home health care which are provided by American Home Health.

Home Health Care Visits

This is traditional home health where a nurse, therapist or aide will make a visit to your home to provide a specific treatment(s). These visits typically last approximately ½ - 1 hour in length and may occur as infrequently as once a month or as frequently as several times a week. The frequency and treatments will depend on what your physician's orders and what your insurance company or payor may approve.

The objective of this type of care is to provide you with training, information or skills in order to make you or your caregiver independent at home so you will be able to provide your own health care needs. The average client utilizing this type of care will require visits for about 45-60 days. Typical visits may include such things as teaching you how to do a dressing change, administration of a drug, a lab test or to train you or your caregiver to provide diabetic care for you.

The major types of payment for this service come from the following sources: Medicare and Medicaid. Health insurance, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Workers' Compensation and liability insurers may also cover home health care.

Private Duty Care

This type of care is when you require the assistance of someone for many hours a day. This may be either a nurse or an aide. Typically this type of care is required by someone who would not be safe at home by himself. You may require a nurse 8 hours a day to care for your child with a trach while you go to work or an aide around the clock for a parent with Alzheimer's whom you can't leave alone safely. This type of care is not paid for under the Medicare program, but there may be some other programs or community resources available in some instances. All skilled care provided by American Home Health will be under the supervision of your physician while non-medical care can be provided without the direction of your physician.

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