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Hiring Practices

We maintin strict hiring practices and comply with Health Care Worker Background Check Act. After the initial interview, each applicant is screened for any criminal background offenses through the State of Illinois Police Databanks, the Office of the Inspecter General for any federal charges, the Home Health Registry and Department of Professional Regulation for any prior or pending offenses to their license or certificates. We verify their license, if applicable. We obtan a health screening and health examination prior to employment and CPR is required for all medical personnel. Each employee must perform and pass a skills competency evaluation and be oriented to company policies and procedures appropriate to the services they will provide.

Topic(s) that follow:

What is Home Health?
Contacting the Office
Grievance and Complaints
Nondiscriminatory Policy
Who Pays for Home Care?
How Does Medicare Work?
Summary of Notice of Privacy Practices
Notice of Privacy Practices and Responsibilities
HCFA/OASIS Privacy Statements
Client Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
Statement of Illinois Practices on Advance Directives and DNR Orders
Safety Instructions and Guidelines
Emergency Care Plan
Emergency Contact Numbers
Intravenous Instructions

Home » Client Handbook » Hiring Practices