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Why Home Health?

Home health care has emerged as one solution to the complex problems in health care delivery. Technological advances allow sophisticated medical treatment to be performed in the home. Home health care is a safe and less costly alternative to hospitals and nursing homes. A changing health care focus towards self-care, independence and cost containment has once again made the home a place to be born, a place to recover and heal, and a place to die.

Topic(s) that follow:

Who We Are?
Hiring Practices
What is Home Health?
Contacting the Office
Grievance and Complaints
Nondiscriminatory Policy
Who Pays for Home Care?
How Does Medicare Work?
Summary of Notice of Privacy Practices
Notice of Privacy Practices and Responsibilities
HCFA/OASIS Privacy Statements
Client Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
Statement of Illinois Practices on Advance Directives and DNR Orders
Safety Instructions and Guidelines
Emergency Care Plan
Emergency Contact Numbers
Intravenous Instructions

Home » Client Handbook » Why Home Health?