Christmass Gifts

From November 17-20, 2016, the American Resource Group, Inc. conducted a telephone survey of 1,100 adults age 18 and older living in telephone households in the continental United States. The following five questions were asked:

What do you think you will spend on gifts thisChristmas?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Will you make any purchases through catalogs?

Will you make any purchases on the Internet?

When you purchase Christmas gifts this year, will you pay full price for the gifts or will you wait to see if the gifts go on sale?

According to the American Research Group, Inc. survey, shoppers planned to spend an average of $929 for Christmas gifts in 2016. A total of 36% of the shoppers planned to buy these gifts from catalogs and other direct marketers. 55% of the shoppers planned to make purchases on the Internet. While 22% of the shoppers said they planned to pay full price, 61% said they planned to wait until the items go on sale, and 17% said it would depend on the gifts.

Since the respondents were willing to spend that much money on Christmas gifts, let’s hope they chose meaningful and appropriate gifts. Let’s be honest. Some people have poor taste in choosing gifts for others. Would YOU give any of the following as Christmas gifts?

  • A box of Omaha grass fed beef steaks to a vegetarian
  • A bottle of Jack Daniels to a recovering alcoholic
  • A snow shovel to a resident of Florida
  • A bottle of White Diamonds to a woman allergic to perfume
  • A necklace with a cross to an atheist
  • A membership to a pool to someone who can’t swim
  • A size 20 dress to a woman who wears a size 14
  • A used toilet seat
  • A 20 gauge shotgun to a bird watcher
  • Membership in Weight Watchers to a girl who is anorexic
  • A can of nuts to a child with a peanut allergy
  • A climbing trip on Mount Everest to someone afraid of heights
  • A box of chocolates to a woman who is trying to lose weight
  • A Great Dane to a woman who lives in a small apartment

Let’s hope that next time these gift-givers use gift certificates/gift cards or cash

—Karen Centowski

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