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Private Duty Care


This type of care is when you require the assistance of someone for many hours a day. This may be either a nurse or an aide. Typically this type of care is required by someone who would not be safe at home by himself. You may require a nurse 8 hours a day to care for your child with a trach while you go to work or an aide around the clock for a parent with Alzheimer's whom you can't leave alone safely. This type of care is not paid for under the Medicare program, but there may be some other programs or community resources available in some instances. All skilled care provided by American Home Health will be under the supervision of your physician while non-medical care can be provided without the direction of your physician.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact American Home Health at 630-236-3501.

Pediatric Infusion Nursing Services

We believe that children should receive as much of their healthcare as possible in their homes. We have designed a comprehensive range of services tailored especially for children. We work with you to keep children out of the hospital while providing the clinical expertise children need to get well.

Here are some of the features of American Home Health Infusion Nursing:

  • Continuity of care. Each client is assigned a nurse to provide all of the client's care. This ensures the nurse's familiarity with the client's condition and care and forms a bond of trust with the client.
  • One Point of Contact for referral, labs, updates, status changes. We make it is easy to find the answers.
  • Pediatric experienced infusion nurses
  • We also provide other disciplines: Therapist, Home Health Aides, Private Duty Nursing
  • Specialize in patient education
  • Highly skilled, able to provide care for a variety of infusion devices (central lines, epidural lines or perform peripheral IV starts)
  • Comprehensive assessment of all patients during each phase of treatment
  • Blood draws, monitoring of lab results, reporting of lab results to the infusion team (MD, RPh, Payor, Case Manager, Nurse)
  • “On Call” RN for client support and after-hours visits
  • Clinical updates provided to physicians and case managers on a regular basis
  • Work with most payor sources
  • Joint Commission Accredited, State Licensed, DSCC approved

For more information, please contact American Home Health. Our phone number is 630-236-3501.

Adult Private Duty Services

American Home Health Corp. (AHHC) delivers specialized care for clients in a home setting. AHHC delivers care with quality, compassion, and reliability.

We employ hundreds of nursing professionals dedicated to caring for technology dependent clients. Our continuous comprehensive training utilizes state of the art education for our nursing and paraprofessional staff.

Our company offers a complete package of specialized programs and services designed exclusively for the adult population. Your home health care can consist of 24/7 hourly private duty care. We work with physicians, family members and the entire healthcare team; we develop a comprehensive plan of care addressing the client's goals and expectations. We recognize each client has different needs and will tailor the client's plan accordingly.

  • Services may include any of the following:
  • Ventilator Care
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • BiPAP or CPAP
  • Inhalation Therapy
  • Respiratory Treatments
  • Medication Administration
  • TPN
  • Pain Management
  • Antibiotic Treatment
  • Assessments
  • Wound Care
  • Lab Draws
  • Tube Feedings
  • Enterostomal Care
  • Anti-Coagulant Therapy
  • Bowel Program

For more information, please contact American Home Health. Our phone number is 630-236-3501.


Looking down the long hall from her office to the conference room, Elaine must have thought about the number of steps required to get there. Fifty? A hundred? Five hundred? A thousand? Even using the cane only helped a little. At least there were no stairs to climb.

And then there were the problems at home. How much longer would she be able to take her dog, Patrick, for a walk past the school playground where the children were playing hopscotch? Who would pull the weeds out of the flower garden in the front yard? How much longer could she make the beds or wash the dishes? So much of life depends on the ability to stand and walk.

Elaine’s primary care doctor referred her to an orthopedic surgeon. He recommended knee replacement surgery. He explained that nearly one million Americans undergo hip or knee replacement surgeries each year. He said the majority of these procedures were performed on patients over the age of 65. According to https://www.webmd.com/osteoarthritis/guide/knee, “Osteoarthritis is the main reason why people go for knee replacement surgery. The age-related condition is very common and occurs when cartilage—the cushion between the knee and bone joints—breaks down.” Elaine fit into those demographics.

The doctor explained that patients having knee replacements are normally discharged from the hospital three days after surgery. Elaine would need to be able to use a walker before she could be discharged. Then someone would need to be with her at home 24/7 during her recovery.

The doctor told Elaine that the initial short-term recovery stage lasts four to six weeks for most patients. Nurses would need to be with her to tend to her medical needs. Therapists would come to her home to provide physical therapy. The final phase, long-term recovery, could take as long as six months.

Patients need the encouragement of family and friends throughout the whole process of knee replacement surgery. It would be easy to feel alone and to get discouraged. If someone you know is having knee replacement surgery, send a card. Call your friend or family member. Make a gift basket and deliver it. Do something to let them know you care.

If you have a friend or family member who is having knee replacement surgery and needs private duty nursing, call American Home Health at (630) 236-3501. The agency can provide round-the-clock nursing care by Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (RNs), and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Our service area covers fifteen counties in Northern Illinois including Cook, Lake, McHenry, Boone, Winnebago, Ogle, Lee, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, LaSalle, Grundy, Will, and Kankakee. American Home Health is licensed by the State of Illinois and accredited by the Joint Commission. For further information, go to our Web site, www.ahhc-1.com, or call (630) 236-3501.

—By Karen Centowski