Nursing Talk

Dear Cassandra,

A month ago I received an e-mail from Human Resources asking me to fax a copy of my current nursing license. Two weeks later HR left a message on my voice mail reminding me to fax the copy of the license. Yesterday I received a letter telling me that my personnel file is not in compliance with DSCC and IDPH rules because it does not contain a copy of the nursing license. HR has verified my license on the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Web site. I’ve been busy. What’s the big hurry?

In Slow Motion in Matteson


Dear In Slow Motion,

One day you get your mail out of the mailbox. Sandwiched between the Value Pack Coupons and the free note pad from the Nature Conservancy is a letter from the Illinois Department of Revenue. You filed your tax return by April 15, and it is now July. You were expecting a refund of $72.00, but you don’t recall ever receiving it. This must be the refund. Instead, it is a request for a copy of your real estate tax bill. If you supply the document, the State of Illinois will allow your real estate tax credit and send the refund of $72.00. If not, you owe $143.00. That gets your attention. The next day you make a copy of the real estate tax bill and mail it to the state. Your refund arrives several weeks later.

Maybe you are looking through your mail, and you discover a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, the big boys. Your heart stops. They want proof that you, not your ex-husband, have the right to claim your three children as dependents. If you send the documentation by the deadline, all is well. If not, you owe $7,800. Faster than ice melting on a sidewalk in August, you gather the documentation and mail it to the IRS. Whew! You just saved $7,800.

In business, the concept of responding quickly to key business matters is called having a sense of urgency. The customer expects and appreciates prompt, efficient service. A sense of urgency is a process of treating key business or personal matters as if one’s life depended on it. It is a determination to stay focused on results and deadlines until the task is completed. A sense of urgency is common to highly productive people, companies, and countries.

What if you were trying to get a mortgage or rent an apartment? The lender or apartment manager faxes a verification of employment and income to your employer. Your application will not be processed without that information. Do you want your employer to take a month to respond?

When you don’t respond to simple requests from your employer, you are disrespecting your employer. You are making the staff waste valuable time contacting you again and again. You are inviting trouble in an audit because your personnel file is not in compliance with DSCC and IDPH regulations.

It’s time to adjust your attitude. Resolve to respond promptly to requests. Your money or your livelihood may depend on it.


Note: First published on American Home Health's news, April 2011.