COULD YOU USE A LITTLE EXTRA MONEY? Did you waste your last dollars playing the multi-million-dollar lottery?  Have you sold your old hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, useless knickknacks, and old clothing at a garage sale just to make a few bucks?  Here’s an idea for you.  Check the Illinois Dash for Cash at https://icash.illinois.gov/.

Illinois Cash
Illinois Cash

The law that created the unclaimed property program was established in the early 1960s as a consumer protection initiative.  Illinois Dash for Cash was formerly called Cash Dash.  It was renamed in 2012.  The state currently has $2.1 billion in cash plus contents from Illinois bank safe deposit boxes to be returned to Illinois residents.  One in eight Illinois residents has an asset to be claimed in Illinois Dash for Cash.  One in four Illinois adults who searches the Illinois State Treasurer’s Illinois Dash for Cash database finds property to claim, and the average claim is $1,000.

The Illinois State Treasurer attempts to return unclaimed or abandoned property to the owners or heirs.  Unclaimed property is money or assets that have been separated from the owner for at least five years.  Often the owner doesn’t know the property exists.  Examples include inactive savings and checking accounts; unpaid wages or commissions; stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; money orders and bill overpayments; paid up life insurance policies; and safe deposit box contents.

The Illinois State Treasurer auctions some of the contents of safe deposit boxes on eBay.  Items for sale include jewelry, coins, baseball cards, and other collectibles.  The money generated by the auction is held for the owners of the property.

Certain items found in safe deposit boxes are not auctioned.  For example, firearms are not auctioned.  Coins with a numismatic value are not auctioned.

If you find your name on the database of unclaimed property, print out a claim form and mail it to the unclaimed property division.  Submit the requested documentation along with your completed claim form to the following:

Illinois State Treasurer’s Office
Unclaimed Property Division
P.O. Box 19495
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9495

While you are on the Web site (https://icash.illinois.gov/), look up the names of family members and relatives.  You might be surprised to learn what unclaimed property exists in the name of a deceased family member or relative.  One of my family members died in 1996 at the age of ninety-five.  The will was probated, and all known assets were distributed according to the terms of the will.

Now, twenty years later, three small checks totaling $84.00 were listed on https://icash.illinois.gov/.  The checks were refunds/overpayments from healthcare providers.  A copy of the death certificate was required as documentation.

by Karen Centowski



License Plate

License Plate

On September 28, 2015, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced that the State of Illinois will no longer send notices reminding vehicle owners that their license plate stickers and vehicle registration cards are about to expire and need to be renewed.  In the past a motorist received these notices by mail a month or two before the expiration date.  The motorist could complete the form, enclose a check, and return the form and check by mail.  The vehicle sticker would then be mailed to the vehicle owner.

Jesse White, Secretary of State, has posted the following explanation on Cyberdriveillinois.com, the official Web site of the Secretary of State:

“Due to the lack of a state budget resulting from the budget impasse, the Secretary of State’s office has suspended the mailing of vehicle registration reminder notices, which will save approximately $450,000 per month.  By suspending this courtesy service, we prioritized the mailing of vehicle registration stickers themselves, along with titles, license plates, and critical incorporation paperwork for Illinois businesses.  We encourage motorists to be aware of their license plate sticker’s expiration date.  Motorists can sign up to receive notices electronically by e-mail.


Paperless License Plates Renewal Notices is the convenient and secure way for Illinois motorists to go green and receive their notice by e-mail.  To receive your license plates renewal by e-mail, enter your Registration and PIN number located on the renewal notice you received in the mail or your current registration card.  If you do not have a renewal notice or current registration card, please call the Public Inquiry Division at 800-252-8980 to obtain your Registration ID and PIN number.”


To renew your license plate sticker on-line, go to Cyberdriveillinois.com.  You will need your license plate number, your car insurance company name, policy number, and expiration date for the vehicle of the license plate you are renewing.  The cost will be $102 for regular plates.  The cost for vanity plates is higher.  A $2.25 fee paid to the payment processors will also be collected.  Payment must be made during the renewal process using an electronic check or VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express cards only.

Print out your receipt.  You should receive your sticker within five to ten business days.  When you receive your sticker, put it on your vehicle.

by Karen Centowski


About Us

About Us
About Us

Founded in 1992 by Jan Fulfs, a Registered Nurse, American Home Health Corporation provides a full range of reliable, professional home healthcare services for all ages. With over thirty years experience as a nurse, Jan understands the importance of nurturing patients and focusing the care on their needs.

Our primary goal is to provide support services that allow a patient to be at home. By giving attentive and consistent care, we alleviate physical and emotional burdens on the family. With hundreds of licensed nurses, and a support staff of therapists and nurses aides, we are able to provide a full range of services, including private duty, pediatric and adult home healthcare services, infusion therapy, and rehabilitation services.

American Home Health provides home health services throughout the greater Chicago area. The company is dedicated to excellence in care. Extensive background checks, reference calls and individualized training insure quality care all day, every day.

American Home Health is a preferred provider for most commercial insurance carriers, HMO’s, managed care organizations and state and federal government agencies.