Nurses Self Care Made Easy

2020 has been a most difficult year and it’s not over with yet. And the holidays are fast approaching which increases our stress even more. I want all nurses to take a moment to care for yourselves. We need you and want you to remain healthy and well balanced. Here are a few tips.

10 Simplified Self Care Tips for Nurses:

  1. Take days off and engage in something fun
  2. Reflect on your achievements
  3. Maintain a sense of humor, don’t forget to laugh…often
  4. Ask for re-assignment if needed.
  5. Support your colleagues, praise others
  6. Reach out to one another – colleagues, friends, family
  7. Encourage emotional well being
  8. Accept some irritability due to stress – cut yourself some slack
  9. Eat meals each day that are healthy and balanced
  10. Exercise and get sufficient sleep

Janelle C. Pickett, Vice-President
American Home Health