Nursing Talk

Dear Cassandra:

My husband says I should wear “sensible” shoes to work. My shoe collection could rival that of Imelda Marcos. I have three inch stiletto heels, platform shoes, sandals, wedges, mules, ballerina slippers, flip flops, Crocs, flats, cowboy boots, and more.

When I was a teenager, I considered becoming a Dominican nun. My teacher, Sister Mary Catherine, invited me to visit the motherhouse and to learn about the life of a novitiate. I could accept the habit, the celibacy, the prayer, the silence, the service to others. But the shoes! How could I spend my entire life in lace-up black shoes?

What do you think?



Dear Diane:

A recent study revealed that the average woman buys 469 pair of shoes during her lifetime for a total cost of $25,000. Your fascination with shoes does seem excessive even by those standards.

Before you end up in the hospital with a broken ankle or sprained back because you slipped on ice in a driveway or tripped over toys on the floor at your client’s house, listen to your husband. Wear sensible shoes to work. No high heels, no open toe shoes, no sandals, no flip flops. Besides, painted toe nails in open toe sandals don’t look good covered with vomit.


Note: First published on American Home Health's news, August 2010.