I Remember the Day…

By Shirlie Witte, RN

By Shirlie Witte, RN
By Shirlie Witte, RN

I remember the day I knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” I was just five years old when a retired nurse came to visit our family. I had just gotten a large sliver in my hand and worried about any treatment. My aunt tended not only my wound but also my wounded spirit. I wanted to be just like her.

On the road to becoming an RN, I wore different hats. I started as a nurses aide, an LPN, and finally, an RN. I know and understand the value of teamwork; each member offers valuable input, helping to achieve a positive outcome for each patient.

I first started in hospital staff nursing in ICU, Orthopedics, Oncology, and talent in IV Therapy. Loving so many areas, I “floated” and then worked agency.

I value the importance of the ninety-second assessment at the start of each shift. Hand hygiene is a habit as natural as breathing. These I pass onto nursing students when I have the opportunity to work with them.

I passed retirement age years ago. Retire? Not when you do what you love. What a joy and privilege to be a nurse.

—Shirlie Witte, RN