Juanita Ramey, RN
Juanita Ramey, RN

Hi, my name is Juanita Ramey.

I’m over 70yrs old. I started my RN career in 1977 at Cook County Hospital. I worked in the Neurosurgery ICU. Many of those patients were homeless, or persons found on the streets, by the Chicago Police Department. It was an excellent “new grad” learning experience, that prepared me for all other nursing challenges to come!

I later became an “agency” nurse, working at many other facilities in around Chicago, University of Chicago, Northwestern, Trinity, St. Bernard, Chicago Osteopathic, South Suburban, St. James, etc. You get the idea.

I was not afraid to work anywhere! I even tried nursing homes, rehab facilities, and dialysis. Those were very challenging! I ran into an old nursing school alumni, and she hired and trained me as a VNA. That was my entry into home care, hospice, and eventually, private duty.

I worked for many different home care agencies over the years, too many to name them right now! I started working for AHHC, May of 1999, on a case that might as well have been considered “the ICU” of home care. The patient was on a ventilator (LP10 I think), PICC line, daily TPN, G-Tube. Besides all of the prior, he required urine catheterizations every four-hours, G-Tube feedings every six-hours, frequent suctioning, and of course Tracheostomy care every shift.

To add to that, one of the nurses on the case was Jan Fulfs, BSN. The pressure was on, but I loved it!!! The old saying, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s how I feel. I ran into a parent of a former patient, and she asked if I was still working, I said yes because I love what I do. I became very emotional and started to cry a little bit because that was the first time I had ever said those words out loud.

I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! But don’t tell American Home Health (AHHC), because being paid to do it is a nice bonus.

Thanks, American Home Health!