How to Use iOS’ Text Replacement Feature (iPad, iPhone). Step by Step Instructions

In my opinion, there is nothing like a full keyboard for typing. Yes, maybe I am old fashioned, but trust me, the keyboards on the iPhone and iPad are not the best for long-form typing. Well, enter the “Text Replacement” feature. This feature can certainly save you a lot of time. How much time? Well, it depends on what you are doing, and how well you plan “Text Replacements” snippets.

Since it is nearly always better to show than to tell, allow me to demonstrate. Please see video with detailed explanation below:

  1. Go to your home screen and find the Settings App. Mine is docked, but yours might somewhere else on your screen.

2. Look for the General Settings on the left, and choose (tap) on the Keyboard option:

3. Tap on Text Replacement:

4. Tap on the little plus (+) sign on the top right to create a new Text Replacement:

5. Enter the phrase, sentence or paragraph you want in the phrase tex box, and enter the shortcut in the Shortcut text box:

6. Save your Text Replacement:

7. You are done. Your Text Replacement is ready.

For step by step demo, please watch video at the top of this article.

And yes, you are welcome!


Edward Lara, HR Director @ American Home Health