Burnout Self-Assessment

Burnout Self-Assessment

“In dealing with those who are undergoing great suffering, if you feel “burnout” setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself. The point is to have a long-term perspective.”

-Dalai Lama
  • Answer the questions below to determine your level of burnout. Put a check in the box if your answer is “yes.”
  •  Are you as tired when you wake up as you were when you went to bed?
  •  Do you avoid involvement with others?
  •  Have you had any minor accidents or made errors in routine tasks?
  •  Have you missed deadlines or experienced a loss of productivity?
  •  Do you find your mind wandering or just watch the clock?
  •  Do you doubt your ability to make a difference at work or at home?

If you have answered yes to two or more questions, you may be experiencing burnout. Ideas for self-care:

  • Practice setting boundaries around commitments
  • Schedule personal time on your calendar AND
  • Commit to taking time for yourself
  • Take a five-minute walk
  • Take one minute to practice deep breathing

By Janet Fulfs, RN, BSN, President
American Home Health