Become a Nurse Mentor – 5 Key Elements

Become a Nurse Mentor – 5 Key Elements
Become a Nurse Mentor – 5 Key Elements
  1. Motivate and Inspire:  Help them reach their full potential.  Give tips, send articles of interest, encourage them to go outside their comfort zone.
  2. Listen:  Take notes, stay actively engaged.  Share your failures and hardships along with your successes.  Help them navigate to a solution but don’t solve it for them.
  3. Be honest:  Give honest feedback and critiques.  Have high expectations, give support when needed and compliments when deserved.
  4. Be engaged:  Take the time to offer advice, share experiences and use opportunities to learn from someone with a different perspective and background.  Be present, passionate about your profession.
  5. Foster mutual respect:  The partners in this relationship should be accepting and feel safe, you should be able to communicate openly and be able to take risks without the threat of being judged, ridiculed or condescended to.  Value their time.

By Janet Fulfs, RN, BSN, President
American Home Health