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Oasis 401(k) | Automatic Enrollment

[Notice of Automatic Enrollment]


The 401(k)-plan sponsored by your employer through Oasis, a Paychex Company, offers the automatic enrollment feature to assist with your retirement savings. Here is a short video prepared for you to understand the automatic enrollment provision in your plan:

If you have met the eligibility requirements for the plan and you do not enroll or opt out from participating in the plan, you are automatically enrolled in the plan.

If you would like to opt out or enroll at a rate, please go to and select Enroll. You may also opt out by submitting the attached [CLICK HERE] Automatic Enrollment Opt Out Form. You may be asked for a password; this is OASISFID.

If you are automatically enrolled, you will have the option to opt out within 90 days from your first automatic enrollment contribution to the plan, and you may request a distribution of the amounts invested in your account through the automatic enrollment program. You can request this distribution by logging onto our account at, completing the attached [CLICK HERE] Opt-Out form or using this link:

If you have any questions regarding the 401(k) plan adopted by your employer, please contact the Oasis 401(k) Department at 844-627-4015 or

Secured Area - Employees » Open Enrollment 2021